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Dynasty - Black BoxDynasty
Black Box

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I’m not really overwhelmed by the majority of electroclash; Dynasty, however, are rather enjoyable in that they take all the hand claps and mix it with a certain sleazy sound that has the same texture as a Soft Cell album. They distort things up a bit, don’t rely completely on blips and glitches, but use them well nonetheless. The guy sings, the girl sings and you never find yourself jumping tracks in search of that one great song in a tidal wave of filler. Maybe it’s the dirty guitar bits or the saxophone. Yes, sometimes it sounds like they’d rather be Garbage or Le Tigre than themselves, but they do it well enough that it’s forgivable for now. Besides, all they want is for you to dance and Black Box gives you plenty of opportunity to do so (even if that isn’t your bag).

This review originally appeared in Glitter Gutter Trash, June 2005, Issue 198.