Review: Frost – Raise Your Fist To Metal

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Frost - Raise Your Fist To Metal

Raise Your Fist To Metal

Noise Records


As if it’s not bad enough Jack Frost named his solo album Raise Your Fist To Metal, he’s also pictured on the cover… that’s right, raising his fist to metal. A number of guest musicians were involved in this project, although limited information offered on the slipcase review copy has me guessing who’s doing what at any given time. If it’s true Jack Frost was actually a guitarist for Savatage, then Chris Oliva (R.I.P.) isn’t only rolling in his grave, he’s spinning. Frost blows on guitar. His rhythm guitar playing is adequate, but his soloing is laughable, highlighted by the hilarious guitar-only solo track “Nippin At Your Ear.” Track 3 and 9 have the same exact rhythm guitar parts, but the two songs have different singers, lyrics and song titles—I guess we weren’t supposed to notice? The singer with the lisp on the cover of Ratt’s “Lack Of Communication” was a nice touch. This album as a whole is a mish-mash of bad 80s metal that apparently, no amount of guest musicians could possibly save.


This review originally appeared in Written in Blood, August 2004, Issue 188.