GEMS – Kill the One You Love

Review: GEMS – Kill the One You Love

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GEMS – Kill the One You Love

Kill the One You Love

Street: 10.30
GEMS = Jack Ü x Zola Jesus + CHVRCHES

GEMS are compositionally easy to compare to contemporary, mainstream electro pop artists: Lyrically, however, one can find depth and comfort in vocalist Lindsay Pitts’ breathily high-pitched lamentations. While the concept of love is constant and ever present in any form of music, Pitts offers a gut-wrenchingly honest display of her experiences. When placed over such heavy and deep instrumentation, however, the result changes, and what would have been yet another humdrum electronic confessional turns into an intense exploration of the subject, giving new life and interest to an incredibly tired idea. While on paper this may sound like a difficult listen, it is in fact highly accessible, and the potential for mainstream success is likely. It’s like that one devastating breakup everyone has, but ends up being a blessing in disguise. –Allison Shephard