Review: Justice – Helix

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Ed Banger Records
Street: 01.08
Justice = Michael Jackson + Sebastián

Sweet, sexy disco gods, Justice has done it again, this time with their new EP Helix, which is based off the single from their last album, Audio, Video, Disco. It’s pretty much just an extended version of “Helix” plus “Ohio,” and the secret track, “Presence” (all from their last album). The soulful, groovy, smooth melody combined with Vincent Vendetta’s beautiful voice, makes the track “Ohio” absolutely breathtaking. “Presence” is beyond epic. It would have fit perfectly into the soundtrack for the movie Drive. My new favorite song this year is the devilish, seducing remix of “Helix” by Frenchman Gessafelstein. I adore the way he can take a track and give it this evil, dark techno feel so flawlessly. Helix is awesome and a must-buy for any fan of Justice or disco funk! –Mama Beatz