Review: Lapush – Someplace Closer to Here

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Lapush - Someplace Closer to HereLapush
Someplace Closer to Here

Street: 06.07
Lapush = Coldplay – grandstanding & misguided egotism

St. Lewis’ Lapush have a sound that suggests you go back to a time when Coldplay’s ambition to be the biggest band in the world didn’t come across as blind arrogance. Taking in the landscape of popular music, the success of a band like Coldplay seemed decisively more attractive than just about everything else that had a reasonable chance of garnering in the American masses; Lapush simmer with that kind of possibility. It isn’t that they sound like a Coldplay clone—we’ve had plenty of those—but clearly, they pull influence from a lot of the same music. Someplace Closer to Here is an album that succeeds because of simplicity. Unlike their doppelganger contemporaries, they’ve sacrificed the soaring wall of sound for something more barren and intimate. All in all, it makes for a solid debut that suggests a bright future. Sadly, they’ll probably be lost in the queue of Aqualung, Keane, Athletes, etc.
This review originally appeared in Glitter Gutter Trash, August 2005, Issue 200.