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Review: Leon Bridges – Coming Home

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Leon Bridges

Coming Home

Columbia Records

Street: 06.23

Leon Bridges = Sam Cooke / Jackie Wilson

Coming Home stays true to original soul in every way, even down to the recording process. Using a tape-to-tape reel, Leon Bridges’ debut album captures a warm, gritty quality that shines through on every track. Coming Home is primarily a soul album, but Bridges’ gospel and blues influences can be felt here as well. “Shine” is a spiritual track with conviction that soothes me through its church-choir harmonies and vintage church organ.

“Twistin’ & Groovin’” feels like a blues-inspired track, with its Muddy Waters–esque electric guitar riffs, but it ultimately uplifts with Bridge’s charming vocals about a pretty lady on the dance floor. Coming Home is a great album from start to finish, but the bluesy doo-wop of “Pull Away” takes me back to AM radio days I’ve only dreamed of and exemplifies Bridges’ authenticity as a timeless artist, making it my favorite from the album. –Justin Gallegos