Lymbyc Systym – Split Stones

Review: Lymbyc Systym – Split Stones

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Lymbyc Systym – Split Stones

Lymbyc Systym
Split Stones

Western Vinyl
Street: 10.16
Lymbyc Systym = El Ten Eleven + Working for a Nuclear Free City

Split Stones is an instrumental album inspired by relaxation tapes from the ’80s. Whereas most contemporary electronic music tends to stray toward dub sounds, Lymbyc Systym are methodical in their use of marimba, drums and more ambient noises. Their music seems to start at a quiet point and then slowly build, reminiscent of The Appleseed Cast—even in the way the album is arranged, with a quiet beginning and a soft ending. The middle of the album hits a tempo-and-layer apex in “The Erratic Shift,” with grooving bass and soft synths supporting a quickly moving marimba sound. There is something calming yet complex about Split Stones, and its effect is mystical and memorable. Ali Shimkus