Review: Mortician – Re-Animated Dead Flesh

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Mortician Records
Mortician = Do you really need this? Okay- Cannibal Corpse + Napalm Death + Incantation


The seventh album from the Relapse Records-professed “World’s Heaviest Band” is unleashed upon the world! Imagine tuning your guitar so low it sounds like a low-tuned bass, and your bass tuning is so low, you can barely hear the fuzz from the distortion. Now turn that drum machine up to almost full speed, and you’ve got Mortician. Oh, and did I mention the lowest, most “throaty” vocals ever? These guys are proof that you don’t need change to be successful. Just keep doing what you do, and be the best at it. This album is crushingly heavy, and of course includes all of the trademark gore lyrics and horror movie samples you have come to expect. A brutal and savage piece of death metal, not for the timid. Just turn this up and watch all the Cradle kids and progressive metal fans run screaming…
This review originally appeared in Butcher’s Block, February 2005, Issue 194.