Review: Peccatum – Lost In Reverie

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Lost in Reverie

The End Records

Norway’s Peccatum are back four years after their last album, Amor Fati, with Lost In Reverie. This album was written and performed by Ihsahn (Emperor) and Ihriel (Star Of Ash), with guest musicians providing additional drums, percussion and vocals on some of the tracks. This album covers everything from stark, single instrument passages to full-on black metal production. In between, the band reveals the experimental flair they’ve developed since their last album. Track 1, “Desolate Ever After,” begins with a minimalist, string-section intro. The track continues with light female singing, then hits with a barrage of dissonant noise, male vocals and distorted guitars. Track 1 distills the entire album down to its essence in the way it represents all of the tracks moving from heavy dissonance to stark ambiance. Track 2, “In The Bodiless Heart,” starts off with acoustic guitar, female vocals and a striking bass line, serving as an introduction to the band’s more experimental side. Track 3, “Parasite My Heart,” is the first real reminder of this band’s past ties with extreme black metal. There are four other tracks on the album, all equally good. This is a great album in both performance and production. I was mesmerized from beginning to end.


This review originally appeared in Written in Blood, August 2004, Issue 188.