Review: Skinlab – Nerve Damage

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Skinlab Nerve DamageSkinlab
Nerve Damage

Century Media

As a thank-you to their fans and to mark 10 years as a band, Skinlab are releasing Nerve Damage. What started out originally as an EP of unreleased songs soon turned into a full album of unreleased material, which ultimately morphed into the double album Nerve Damage. This two-disc set has a total of 34 tracks, including two brand new songs: “Losing All” and “Beneath The Surface.” The release also includes a slew of previously unreleased demos and alternate mixes. According to the inlay, there’s a bonus video clip for “Losing All,” but damn, I couldn’t find it. The release also includes the out-of-print Eysore EP and the Suffer EP. Disc 2 rounds out with a seven-song live set from the 2003 “4/20 Musik Conspiracy” festival (They’d probably be able to spell the word “music” correctly if they weren’t so concerned with “420”).


This review originally appeared in Written in Blood, October 2004, Issue 190.