Review: Terrorfakt – Cold Steel World

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Terrorfakt - Cold Steel World



If you’re not familiar with them already, then now is a good time to discover the caustic rhythms and dance-club war-zone created by Terrorfakt. With only the second release, Cold Steel World, they have raised the bar for acts to follow. Simple yet powerful rhythms compose each of the ear-blistering 17 tracks. Terrorfakt is the creation of Hellraver, New York City’s most notorious industrial/EBM/rhythm noise DJ. It’s fascinating to hear what someone who has DJ-ed a wide variety of music for over a decade can come up with. The harmony between album title, cover art and the actual sound structures douses the senses with illustrious beauty of scrapyards and industrial wreckage. In late 2002, Terrorfakt became a household name after remixing P.A.L.’s already popular track “Gelobnis.” With constant static bursts and crunchy loops, Terrorfakt put out music that is impossible to ignore. There isn’t a song that I don’t like here, but some favorites include “No Frequency,” “Steamliner,” and “Hate Like This.” If Tetsuo III were to happen, it would be my advice for director Shinya Tsukamoto to commission Terrorfakt to produce the soundtrack. If you haven’t heard Terrorfakt or seen them live, you are missing out on a cold steel world of bliss.


This review originally appeared in Modus Operandi, October 2004, Issue 190