Review: The Cannanes – Small Batch

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The Cannanes
Small Batch Records
Street: 03.19
The Cannanes = Jem + Honeybunch

The Cannanes are something special. You can tell from the first second of listening, and it all adds up once you complete the compulsory information binge that follows when you’re interested in a project—at least compulsory for me. Having been making music since the mid-’80s, this Australian indie band has developed a really great mix of sounds, somehow totally modern and in no way dated. There’s an electro-pop sensibility throughout, and the vocals are magical, floaty, little phrases, the delivery hinting at Mazzy Star or Portishead. It’s not dark, though. It’s the same vibe I get from watching the unicorn scene in Legend—sparkly, light, airy. I really love it. Even more delightful? If you, like me, were not previously aware of this little treat of a band, then you, like me, can spend some time going through their ridiculous catalog of previous releases while you wait for the new EP to drop in March. –Ischa B.