The Funs – My Survival

Review: The Funs – My Survival

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The Funs – My Survival

The Funs
My Survival

Manic Static
Street Date: 09.15
The Funs = Savages x Pega Monstro

Duo Jessee Rose Crane and Philip Jerome Lesicko switch off on guitar, drums and vocals as The Funs, and their recently released, fuzzed-out, thrashing double-LP is unabashed and relentless. The pair hits loud and hard in My Survival, packing an unstoppable and whirling sense of movement into each track. The Funs build heavily off of a noisy post-punk foundation, weaving dream-punk soundscapes from Lesicko’s blistering vocals set over trudging guitar, and the tinny cymbal underneath Crane’s surprisingly honeyed, echoing voice. Tension builds and layers steadily as Crane and Lesicko swerve from gentle, fading harmonies (“Out of Nothing”) to brash howls and riffing guitar (“Europa”) to massive distortion and pummeling drums (“Not of You of Me”). Throughout My Survival, Crane and Lesicko course with an immensely gratifying, irresistible force. –Kathy Zhou