Review: The Waxwings – Let’s Make Our Descent

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The Waxwings - Let's Make Our Descent


Rainbow Quartz

Although you can hear the garage influences Detroit’s The Waxwings pull a few tricks from the glory days of the Rolling Stones by way of the Dandy Warhols rather than jumping The White Stripes bandwagon. Not that there isn’t any blues to be found, there’s more than an ample amount of distorted bluesy riffs with wandering bass lines that have a more honest, less adrenaline pumped effect than say Jet or The Hives while keeping most of the swagger. However it is the subtle use of multi-harmonies in the vocals that sets them apart from the rest of the indie pack. Let’s Make Our Descent is a solid album and a lovely snapshot of a band on the rise despite what the album title suggests.


This review originally appeared in Glitter Gutter Trash, October 2004, Issue 190.