Review: Ty Segall – Ty Rex

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Ty Segall
Ty Rex

Street: 11.27.15
Ty Segall = Marc Bolan + Fuzz

Ty Segall recently released an expanded reissue of his T. Rex cover songs from over the years to make an unsurprisingly brilliant tribute album. As an admitted fanboy of both these artists, I knew that I was going to love this before I even put it on, but I was not prepared for how eerily these two blend together (especially in voice). Segall turns up the grit and rewrites Marc Bolan’s smooth style into hard-hitting, celebratory psych jams. Tracks like “Buick Mackane” and “20th Century Boy” charge without restraint as Segall flexes the familiar riffs almost into new genre. Even on some of the deeper T. Rex songs, like “First Heart Mighty Dawn Dart” and “Elemental Child,” Segall’s interpretations fill T. Rex’s psychedelic quirks with contemporary confidence. Buy this album. If you’re a fan of either, you’ll be a fan of both. –Nic Smith