Review: Violent Entity – Mechanized Division

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Violent Entity - Mechanized Division

Violent Entity
Mechanized Division

Black Rain

The coolest things about Violent Entity is how he manages to pull out original old-school industrial without sounding dated or dull. As the only U.S. artist on the Black Rain label, Damon Dullinger had his work cut out for him to match the quality of labelmates Davantage and Feindflug. Danceable EBM, minimal sampling and growling vocals are consistently pleasing on the 11 tracks of Dullinger’s first album. Violent Entity has already gained popularity in the electronic/industrial music community. After spending months on the road as a live member of Terrorfakt and then later adding Karloz M. of Manufactura as an unofficial member, you are going to be hearing a lot of good things from Violent Entity. Favorites include “Embrace my hate,” “Cold as Ice,” and the Supreme Court remix of “Dark Reality.” Mechanized Division is a refreshing break from the regular industrial club rotation and will leave listeners awaiting the next release.
This review originally appeared in Modus Operandi, March 2005, Issue 195.