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Review: Wendy Atkinson – The Last Fret

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Wendy Atkinson – The Last Fret  coverWendy Atkinson
The Last Fret

Smarten UP! & Get to the Point
Street: 02.16
Wendy Atkinson = Jandek + Kim Deal – Geddy Lee

Female bass players aren’t uncommon, but there are few with the experimental approach of Canadian musician Wendy Atkinson. On this, her third bass album, she also makes use of ebow, toy piano, field recordings and prepared bass. Although several numbers, like “Hebron Birds,” tell spoken-word stories to instrumental backing, she is also joined by David Lester (of artsy punk pop band Mecca Normal). She also played in Vancouver with eccentric cult musician Jandek. The Last Fret is a fascinating insight into the expressive possibilities of an instrument often assumed to only serve the function of rhythmic/harmonic backing. –Stakerized!