Whiskerman – Nomad

Review: Whiskerman – Nomad

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Whiskerman – Nomad


OIM Records
Street: 10.09
Whiskerman = Widowspeak + U2

The newest release from Whiskerman is a compilation of big choruses and twangy guitar. On tracks like “Cardinal City” and “Perfect,” we hear thick atmospheres filled with orchestra strings and lots of “ooooooohhhs.” It’s music that has no disagreement with your ears. But the risk that band takes in this album is overindulging in themselves. With each burst of strings and harmonizing vocals, they move a little bit closer to the edge, beyond which is a pit filled with bands making “good music” but nothing particularly exciting. “My Good Country” is a well-composed track, but it sounds like every U2 song you have heard before. Nomad is an album of quality production and enjoyable stylistics, but nothing too interesting. –Austin Doty