Review: Yourcodenameis:Milo – All Roads To Fault E.P.

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Yourcodenameis:Milo - All Roads To Fault E.P.


Beggars Banquet

You can now officially add My Bloody Valentine to the list of over-used (and more often than not misused) stack of vernacular that lazy journalists are spewing out these days in an attempt at teasing the world into believing that soon we’ll stop waiting for Kevin Shields to quit teasing with collaborations and soundtracks because we’ll have (insert band name here). Oh well, such is the risk you run when you actually read the press sheets. Despite the initial disappointment, it must be said that ycni:m have in fact taken the same formula that the last The Used seemed to be stretching for… only The Used failed and ycni:m didn’t. Where The Used sold their black soul for a more accessible sugar-punk radio sound, losing most of their venom in the process, ycni:m aim for the trophy of British Fugazi (no, they aren’t that good yet): let the pretense lay, the music should speak for itself. Does it work? I suppose so. I did after all listen to the whole thing a few times over even though I was, and forever will be, reminded that I’m still waiting for that Kevin Shields album.
This review originally appeared in Glitter Gutter Trash, February 2005, Issue 194.