New God


Yellow K Records

Street: 07.29

New God = Elliott Smith x Birds of Tokyo + Mac DeMarco

Streaming sounds that are equal parts Appalachian folk, Native American chanting, modern World elements and varying degrees of electronic fuzziness, New God lives up to its dramatic and commanding name. The perfect levels of vocal harmonization are so sublime and angelic that they make The Beach Boys look like amateurs. While the majority of the album is set to a fairly slow pace, “Summer Girl” keeps true to its name by adding a fluffy, upbeat, indie-pop California anthem. Vibe out to the mellow, lo-fi sounds on the title track, “I Know Something About You” and “More” when you’re driving home at night, and lose yourself in a retro, blissed-out musical vortex blurred by light pollution and the hot wind hitting your face. It’s a perfect album for night driving, and you don’t even have to make a playlist.