Alex Chilton

Electricity by Candlelight
Street: 10.08
Alex Chilton = Jonathan Richman + Wilco

On a dark and stormy night on February 13, 1997, the power went out as Alex Chilton and his band were about to play their second set of the night at the Knitting Factory in New York City. Unwilling to call it quits, Chilton grabbed an acoustic guitar, and fan Jeffrey Vargon recorded the ensuing set. Covers by Joni Mitchell, The Beach Boys and Johnny Cash, among others, are included, as well as his own songs that he came up with on the fly. Listening to this album goes beyond intimate into feeling completely present in the scene. The lo-fi quality of the tape allows you to really enter the night as you sit amongst his fans, singing along to Hank Williams or requesting a certain song, chatting with friends or cracking open another beer. –Brinley Froelich