Double Diggits!

Fat Wreck Chords

Street: 07.23

Chixdiggit = Swingin’ Utters + Descendents

I’m pretty sure you’ve heard Canada-based Chixdiggit! Even if you don’t think you’ve heard them before, I’m pretty sure that you’ve heard one of their songs at least once somewhere in the last 20 years – they’re just one of “those” bands. Featuring remastered copies of their second and third albums, the 1998-released Born On The First of July and the 2000-released From Scene To Shining Scene, as well as bonus demos, Double Diggits! is one disc and 32 songs worth of classic pop-punk.

I cannot verify whether chicks do, in fact, dig it, but I can attest to being plenty entertained myself with their cheerful, off-beat lyrics and stripped-down punk sensibility. My favorite song is easily “My Restaurant,” while leaving a little bit of room in my heart for bonus track “I’m Not Going To Suck Your Church Off” (because obviously). Long-time fan or interested newcomers alike are going to find something to love here—this kind of fun-loving punk never gets old. –Matt Brunk