SQE Music
Street: 06.11
Planta = M.I.A + Icona Pop

CSS may be one of the more iconic groups to come out of Brazil, but they are not very comparable to the other synth pop artists of today. The up-tempo electronic beats in their music are catchy but not very intricate as far as production goes. Anyone can synthesize a drum beat and add some snare and call it music, but that doesn’t make it great music. The vocals in their tracks are a bit dry and don’t blend very well with the music, but are still decent, as displayed in “Honey,” the first track on the album. Despite the bad review I just gave of their music as a whole, they did have some good tracks on this album with “Teenager Tiger Cats” and “Frankie Goes To Hollywood,” which were more comedic and sounded like they should be on the soundtrack to some quirky Michael Cera movie. –Julia Sachs