Get Dead
Bad News
Fat Wreck Chords
Street: 07.23
Get Dead = Defiance, Ohio + This Bike is a Pipe Bomb
Intense, growling vocals swoon wonderfully over heavy acoustic rhythm instrumentation and an electric lead guitar. Punk rock allegro mixed with smooth ska beats (“Welcome to Hell”) or splatters of Irish folk (“Kerouac’s Teeth”) provide breadth and distinctiveness. Every song focuses on real struggles different members of the band have endured, giving the album an organic and relatable feel. A few songs are political, touching on the struggles of the common man in a society that seems to be breaking everyone down, and isolated incidents of trumpet, trombone and mandolin sections add even more life to an already heartfelt record. My only complaint is that after listening to the entire album song for song, the melodies begin to blend together. Overall, I was very impressed and can see why Fat Mike (NOFX) decided to produce them. –LeAundra Jeffs