Ghost Wave

Arch Hill Recordings
Street: 08.27
Ghost Wave = Black Angels + Deer Tick
My love for garage rock stems from the same place as my love for hip-hop (do not confuse this with backpack rap). I love the aggression, and the masculinity. I might not align with it philosophically, but there is something incredible and visceral about it. Everyone loves songs about getting drunk and breaking stuff, romanticizing self-destructive behavior like a poorly written Bukowski novel. This album gives me none of those feelings—it is about as visceral as a Ryan Adams song (particularly one of the acoustic ones they might have played on Scrubs). They are the garage rock equivalent of Xanax. From the masturbatory low point instrumental “Arkestra” to the slightly less mind-numbing high point “Bootlegs”, this album never breaches decent. –Cody Hudson