Kill Rock Stars

Street: 04.30

Hands = Foster The People + Harlem Shakes

This band might end up being way popular, that doesn’t mean they are any good though. Every song is a radio-friendly bright and upbeat pop song. I think they are going for the Passion Pit market, but judging by the failed falsettos in “House of Jars” they are nowhere near ready. If these guys were a local band they would be pretty impressive, but there is just so much better stuff like this out there. The highlight of the album “Lonesome Bodies” would make great filler on a summer road-trip playlist––it has a fairly interesting beat and a synth-line very reminiscent of Passion Pit’s “Little Secrets,” but without the failed falsettos he attempts elsewhere in the album. I wouldn’t recommend this album, but I also wouldn’t make fun of you for listening to it. –Cody Hudson