Infected Mushroom
Friends on Mushrooms Vol. 2
Dim Mak Records
Street: 07.16
Infected Mushroom = Excision + Noisia
I was a bit confused when I first pressed play on Infected’s newest album, because it sounded like some slow trance love song, but then the beat drops and quickens and the Israeli duo blows your fucking mind. While they stray a little far on some tracks from the psychedelic trance sound they’re famous for, they still deliver some of the best songs I’ve heard all year. My two favorites on the album were “Savant on Mushrooms” and “Now is Gold,” both of which started with those slow vocals and then dropped straight into a jungled-out, dubstep-influenced mess of perfection. Meanwhile, tracks like “Trance Party” and “The French” will please fans of the original Infected sound. For those of you who managed to catch their last Salt Lake show in February, you’ll recognize the house elements of their new music. This album is a definite must buy. –Julia Sachs