Sleepy Plessow

Masters of Metal Productions

Street: 06.04

Judicator = Holy Grail + Iced Earth – Blind Guardian

Everything on this album seems to be just a step away from something really special. In a sense, it seems like it was only partially finished, hampered by flat production and a rote, repetitive take on typical power metal riffs. John Yelland’s voice sounds like it could be great, but you can definitely hear him straining to hit the higher notes on the album. His vocals seem oddly centered in the mix, and his harmonies tend to waver in and out of tune. Tony Cordisco writes a few good riffs, but the overwhelming majority of his songwriting sounds so generically Power Metal that it all bleeds together. Sleepy Plessow does have a few standout tracks in “The Elector” and “When Crowns are Shattered”, but for now all I can hear is frustrated potential. –Henry Glasheen