Kevorkian Death Cycle
God Am I
Negative Gain Productions
Street: 09.17
Kevorkian Death Cycle = Grid + HexRx + Project Pitchfork
If you are a fan of industrial and EBM music, you must obtain this release for your collection. It has been over a decade since this band has put something out for this world to devour, and I am grateful it has returned with a release that provides great listening pleasure. The suffering has ended. The sounds they have produced are crisp, sharp, thunderous and edgy. It starts with a harmonic tribute to “Dr. Death,” using samples of his voice mixed with a life support machine, and it only gets better from there. Commanding the body to move with a slow, dark, enticing beat and audible lyrics, “Children of Chaos” is my favorite track on this release, and it’s followed by an updated, more aggressive cover of the Pet Shop Boys’ classic, “It’s a Sin,” which promises to pack any dance floor. This is a definite buy. –Mistress Nancy