A Friend in the World

Badman Recording Co.

Street: 09.24

Lovers = Tegan and Sara + Thao & Mirah + Imogen Heap

It’s been a while since I’ve heard an album with this kind of superior lyrical quality. Backed by electro-pop instrumentation while fusing themes of love, intimacy and a dash of feminism, A Friend in the World is truly a rare find. Songs such as “Wonder Through the Time of Hearts” and “Girl in the Grass” lament about lovers lost in an amazingly upbeat, pop-driven manner, while “Tiger Square” and “Purple Sage” employ a more beat-centered approach, complete with a variety of bongo drums. Lyrically, this is one of those albums that allow you to get lost in the imagery without getting confused—its themes are presented in an intriguing yet understandable way, all the while spun ever so delicately by frontwoman Carolyn Berk. If you enjoy dream-pop and girl power, I’m pretty sure this album will make your day extra sweet. –Allison Shephard