Migrant Kids
Street: 09.24
Migrant Kids = Iron & Wine + Grizzly Bear + Claudio Sanchez
Migrant Kids’ debut doesn’t redefine anything, but they’re adept at creating relaxed, layered atmospheres of sound that build from stark keys to triumphant choruses. Mostly, the album is as sad and lonely as a rain-spattered window, but in a way that many listeners can identify with—the lyrics are thoughtful and pained, without being too pretentious. At least four of the songs on the album are atmospheric interludes that move the album at a snail’s pace from one downhearted track to another. This means the highlights are few and really only include “Canvas of Me,” which has nice keys and a hearty, powerful chorus, “Lucktear,” which has really neat vocal effects and somber lyrics straight from a dejected spirit and “Blanco,” which has great vocal melodies and vibrant build. I’d be happy if the band hand released a full-length album instead of this EP with lazy interludes. –CJ Morgan