Ordinary Silence

No Sleep Records

Street: 06.25

Mixtapes = Into It. Over It. + Heartsounds
Mixtapes are one of those bands that I’ve heard about regularly and never got around to queuing up, and I heard even more about them after their SLC show a couple months ago. After giving Ordinary Silence a few spins, I’m a believer—the buzz is well-deserved and I’m glad I finally got off my metaphorical ass and gave them a shot. Ordinary Silence features Mixtapes’ trademark dueling male-female vocals, anchoring already supremely infectious pop punk with a delightfully refreshing contrast. I already have a thing for dual-vocalists, but Maura Weaver and Ryan Rockwell are a chocolate-and-vanilla soft-serve swirl that’s perfect for soothing the summer heat. My highlights include the Weaver-heavy “Like Glass” and “A List of Things I Can’t Handle”—my new theme-song. For you people who’ve been there since the beginning, you know where to send your “I told you so” rebuking. –Matt Brunk