Old Wounds/Trenchfoot
Self-Titled Split
Molotov Records
Street: 06.18
Old Wounds/Trenchfoot = Bone Dance + Botch + Strife
I love this recent resurgence of hardcore bands doing splits—I get two great bands for the price of one. Old Wounds is a ruthless group from New Jersey and, for being so young, they’ve got a well-rounded sound in comparison to contemporaries. More melodic than their own recent album, Old Wounds open the album with “An Ode To Love,” a gloomy vignette. This is soon shattered by curt screams and sludgy guitars. Trenchfoot take up the majority of the split, and this band really should come to Utah because they would feel right at home. They sound like a lot like Converge and Gaza, but with a stronger sludge emphasis. “Comes To Mind” is the song to look for—the skin-beating, circle-pit-inducing fury is marvelous, but the guitar solo is the icing on the cake. Don’t fuck around, you jaded assholes––just get up and buy it. –Alex Cragun