Pantheon of Blood
Eldritch Lunar Miasma
Street: 07.22
Pantheon of Blood = Charnel Winds + Arvet + Cosmic Church
Call it cliché or call it archetypal: Black metal band members—especially of the loosely Scandinavian descent—are well active in a bunch of bands that can be either similar or very different. Pantheon of Blood are a Finnish black metal band that’s a little bit down-tempo, comparatively, but also heavy on the bleak atmospheres they set out to create. The trio of members have all been part of Saturnian Mist—a faster, grittier blend of blackness. Judged solely on Tetrasomia EP, I’m ready to scour the universe for the band’s first EP: Consociatio Solis et Lunae. Time will tell whether Pantheon of Blood move on or end. But such is the point of EP releases—they’re a testing of the musical waters, so to say. Sadly, so many bands have put forth EP releases and gone into the wind. Judging by the darkness conjured up on Tetrasomia’s four tracks, the extent of the journey your ears and psyche take from three dudes laying down the black in layers and layers—the mysticism that a full-length could offer is tantalizing. –Bryer Wharton