Phantom Glue
A War of Light Cones
Black Market Activities
Street: 07.16

Phantom Glue = High on Fire + Mastodon + Black Cobra
Phantom Glue are drinking from the long tapped well of sludgy punk-infused stoner doom—perhaps this release would have sounded fresher were it to have come out in a timely manner, following its recording in 2011. Even so, Phantom Glue bring some noteworthy ideas on their first album for Black Market Activities. The slower, doomier numbers are straight out of the High on Fire playbook, but when they pick up the tempo, or lock into a dual lead, that’s when Phantom Glue’s sound shines through. Tracks like “Biocult” and “Arboreal” are bangers—all headbanging and muscle—but on an album that clocks in at under half an hour, everything should be memorable. Of little surprise, this was recorded at God City, which is a perfect match for Phantom Glue’s sound. Fans of the genre will be pumped on this release, whereas those looking for the next big thing will be left lacking. –Peter Fryer