Run The Jewels
Fool’s Gold
Street: 06.26
Run The Jewels = an angry Aesop Rock + a pissed off Big Boi
El-P and Killer Mike are aiming for the heart of every hater and fuck-boy out there with their self-titled release, Run The Jewels. With El-P’s electronic style beat-making and lyrical flow paired with the aggressive, poetic vocals of Killer Mike these two artists make an unlikely/incredible pairing. “36” Chain,” an anthem to not giving a fuck and being a gangster, hits hard and is an unforgiving slaughterhouse intended for anyone in the way of RTJ. Killer Mike’s voice over a space-age, Umberto-esque horror core instrumental is magic. “No Come Down” is an ode to drugs, with Killer Mike delivering an insane, cosmic story of a time when he and a stripper decided to take mushrooms and molly before having sex. Both artists kill it on this project, and, hopefully, more can be expected from this duo. –Carl Acheson