Sleeping States/ Holopaw
Split 12” EP
Misra Records
Street: 06.25
Sleeping States = Of Montreal + Thom Yorke
Holopaw = Sigur Rós + Califone
In celebration of LGBT Pride Month, Bristol’s Sleeping States and Florida’s Holopaw—both of which feature openly gay frontmen—collaborated to create this 12’’ split, which is actually two EPs rolled into one. Side A consists of Sleeping States’ Old vs. New, which is a collection of their older songs that have been revamped for a modern context. “Planning My Escape” and “A Trip to NYC” combine indie and Brit-pop to make for a catchy and quick-paced sound, while “Old vs. New” adds a more quick-paced, unruly punk sound. Side B features Holopaw’s Through ‘til the Morning, which is a single, nine-minute epic that condenses all of Academy Songs, Volume into one dreamy piece. Remixed by Califone’s Brian Deck, Through ‘til the Morning features intense emotional glimpses as it drifts from one soundscape to the next. While certainly eclectic, this EP is definitely a rare treat of dreamy, indie goodness.
–Allison Shephard