Am I Old?
Street: 08.31
TaughtMe = Sam Amidon + Julianna Barwick
Am I Old? is pretty straightforward in its title, as it concentrates on the dejected feelings of looking back on your life as you grow old, only to add to the helplessness of bringing back the past as you age. These haunted folk tales create a mellow gloom-fest, but the product is heartfelt and inviting. Mostly this is apparent in “Am I Old,” which sets the tone for the majority of the album—age plaguing singer Blake Henderson as he is tormented by the doom of failure. “Boys You Don’t Love Me To Be” builds on this nostalgia with a tale of feeling left out during the younger years. The compositions are delicately spiritual, making the songs come across as intimate, vulnerable and sacred. –Brinley Froelich