Norma Evangelium Diaboli
Street: 03.14
Teitanblood = Autopsy + Incantation + Antaeus

Even though I’m now a pile of pulverized flesh and bodily fluid as a result, listening to Teitanblood’s latest offering was the best decision of my adult life. The second you hit “play” on your stereo, a carnal swarm of everything capable of kicking ass begins mercilessly bludgeoning you with the filthiest, evilest death metal ever created. “Anteinferno” begins the agony with blasting drums, layered, tortured screams and tuning that’s lower in pitch and seven times more menacing than Buffalo Bill’s voice in Silence of the Lambs. The intros on a few tracks, like “Sleeping Throats of the Antichrist” and “Cadaver Synod,” grant only a minimal break in the audial assault with feedback and apocalyptic chants before plowing right back into more insane, fiendish horrorscapes. This album gives you the full tour of the nine circles of Hell and asks only for your mental wellbeing in return. –Alex Coulombe