The Precious Lo’s
Street: 11.19.13
The Precious Lo’s = Shy Girls + Nickasaur! / Justin Timberlake

The Precious Lo’s have established themselves as Circle Research, a DJ/production unit from Toronto. I can understand a pair of DJs wanting to try their hand at songwriting. My head naturally bobs to their down-tempo funk beats, but it’s the vocals that make me feel like I’m listening to the robot from Short Circuit trying his hand at R&B. On “I Wanna,” vocalist Nik Timar expresses a desire to fix his girlfriend’s bike or make her “pancakes (and) a mixtape before (she) leaves.” Those are genuine acts of love, but I can’t take these songs seriously when those words are sung with a slight croon while under the influence of auto-tune, without melody. Unless they want to maintain the novelty appeal of bad ’80s lovesick R&B songs, I suggest these two stick to their craft of beatmaking and enjoy the silence. –Justin Gallegos