The Rich Hands

Out of My Head

Fountain Records

Street: 05.06

The Rich Hands = Protex + Ramones

This angst-filled power-pop coupled with bubblegum rock n’ roll is catchy and energetic. Bringing on memories of when pop was good, they reintroduce lyrical simplicity, while brandishing the snotty teenager attitude of a rock n’ roller. Top tracks to listen to are, “Guy Like Me,” “Teenager” and “I Get By.”

These tracks highlight the insecurities of a rebellious youth through wanting and snarled-lip bravado. It’s been done before, but this kind of rock n’ roll is something that is largely lost in the relevance of today’s pop. Though not the most remarkable album, it is strangely addictive—I find myself leaving my finger on the repeat button. –Nick Kuzmack