The Trouble With Templeton


Bella Union

Street: 05.12

The Trouble With Templeton = The Flaming Lips + Alt-J

This group of Australians recently made a musical transition with this new album. They went from alternative folk on their first album, Bleeders, to an alternative rock band. Rookie showcases the band’s ability to be innovative and create different variations of music, leaving an impact. It utilizes what a five-piece band can do with the alternative rock genre. Each track is different from the last, ramping up the guitar, bass, keys and drums that come together on intense tracks, like “Like A Kid.” Meanwhile, other songs are performed adagio, like “Lint.” As far as vocals go, Thomas Calder slays the falsettos, sometimes solo and sometimes with accompanying vocals. The Trouble With Templeton know how to play good music, storytelling from track one to twelve. –Lizz Corrigan