Tiny Boats
Broken Vessels
Street: 02.04
Tiny Boats = The Fray + Gin Blossoms + Silversun Pickups

Tiny Boats have created a lovely debut. With a respectable 45 minutes of music, this easy-listen folk-rock album is a great glimpse into the sound and stylings of this new band. The musicians did a wonderful job not only at executing, but at structuring and arranging the composition of each song—everything sounds purposeful. It swings from Beatles-flavored pop on songs like “We Waited for Sunshine” to ’90s-influenced rock on “Being and Doing” and beyond. To top it off, it’s a quality production, so you don’t even have to try to use your imagination to give these newbies some slack. They did a really solid job of turning their vision into a product, and now it’s your turn—go buy their product! You’ll love this album all summer long, from back porch to road trip. Scoop it. –Ischa B.