Unicycle Loves You
The Dead Age
Highwheel Records
Street: 06.10
Unicycle Loves You = The Fresh & Onlys + Popstrangers + Vivian Girls

The Dead Age fills well-titled tracks (names like “Suicide Pizza,” “Face Tattoo” and “Endless Bummer”) with the retro fuzz sound that’s seized the garage scene. The track names alone would be enough to get me to listen at least once. Upbeat melodies get caught in my head and bring me back. The often-reverberated vocals—sounding somewhere between Wavves and Happy Birthday, but sung over music that sounds fuller, due to more prevalent bass tones—help to boost the listenability. The song “Face Tattoo,”—perhaps the album’s highlight—stands out by introducing itself with deep electronic percussion that jumps from left to right, followed by a Best Coast guitar clone, constant feedback in the periphery and dual (male and female) vocals on the chorus. –Steve Richardson