Cover art for X by Richard X Heyman.

Review: Richard X. Heyman – X

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Richard X. Heyman


Turn-Up Records

Street: 09.17

Richard X. Heyman = Bob Dylan + Paul Weller + Elvis Costello

X is full of folky, pop-rock uplifting songs that scream “Kumbaya!” Richard X. Heyman (The Doughboys) is very talented as he masterfully performs various instruments on his solo project. However, after I switched off the album, I had a hard time convincing myself that I had not spent 53 minutes listening to religious-inspired rock.

Numbers like “When Denny Dropped Out of the Scene” and “Please Be Mindful” set the tone for the entire album. Every track has the same folky, calming tone, with Heyman’s bastardized mix of Bob Dylan’s and Paul Wellar’s melodic vocals.

One exception, “Compass,” is made up of heavier guitar riffs, and Heyman provides harsher vocals that make for harder pop rock n’ roll. Unfortunately, “Compass” is the only track that provides any edge to this sober-sounding album. That said, time to switch on something fast and loud to get my blood pumping again. –Nick Kuzmack