Ricked Wicky
I Sell the Circus
GBV/Fire Records
Ricked Wicky = Robert Pollard + Circus Devils – Guided By Voices
Hot on the heels of the second (for real this time, I swear, although I sure as hell hope not) breakup of Guided By Voices, frontman/singer Robert Pollard is back in yet another incarnation, this time aided and abetted by Todd Tobias (Circus Devils) and relative newcomer Nick Mitchell for what Pollard calls a “sophisticated arena rock band.” Pollard’s gift is for taking what might appear melodic, poetic and even crude sonic table scraps in the hands of more “major” talents, and creating a rocking feast, a beggar’s banquet. It’s apparent from the first note in the opener “Mobility” through a set of surprising sweep, that as the title implies, RP is always the ringmaster. –Stakerized!