More Is Than Isn’t
Electrical Connections
Street: 10.08
RJD2 = Big Gigantic + DJ Shadow + Chemical Brothers
As far as funky, jazz-influenced electronic hip hop (I get that’s a lot to ponder, but hear me out) goes, RJD2 delivers an album nothing short of amazing with More Is Than Isn’t. The album starts with a hip hop track titled “Temperamental” that resembles something similar to music John Legend would make, with classic beats and strong male vocals. The album as a whole delivers an experimental electronic sound as demonstrated in tracks like “A Lot of Night Ahead of You” and “Milk Tooth,” but also delivers some great hip hop songs like “Bathwater.” My favorite song on the album was “Behold, Numbers!” a funky, jazz-like electronic instrumental track that is very well made. The album as a whole gives a good sample of what exactly RJD2 can do. –Julia Sachs