The Catastrophist & As The Blind Strive Demos
Aonair Productions
Street: 12.27.14
Rongeur = Helmet + Rollins Band + Faith No More + Soundgarden

Although not a pure "alternative metal" album, Rongeur and the release of their first two demos rolled up into the package known as The Catastrophist & As The Blind Strive does take the sound of many bands from the early ’90s, updates it, and comes out with a riff-heavy metal album that would do any of the aforementioned bands proud. The thing I love most about Rongeur is the groove that the music locks into, especially on “Le Rocher Aux Singes.” In fact, the musicianship of the band isn’t an issue. The only negative to the album is the vocals, which range from sounding like screaming Gollum black metal, to a generic yell that sounds like someone walking through the neighborhood looking for a lost pet. It’s worth a listen for the music, but I think with a different vocalist, Rongeur could do some really amazing things. –R.G.B. Robb