Rough Hausen
The Medicated Generation
Crysella Records
Street: 09.28.13
Rough Hausen = Lords of Acid + KMFDM
Rough Hausen is the latest project from Jeff Stoddard, former guitarist for Frontline Assembly. While there are elements of his past contributions on The Medicated Generation, it definitely utilizes harder synth beats and heavily distorted guitar in the vein of Gravity Kills. This album hits you like a tidal wave, leaving a sweaty pulsating body in its wake. The song “[Sik] Fuk” really takes these elements to another level where vocalist Peggy Lin tells you exactly how to move certain parts of your anatomy. While this album is perfect for the club, it has some traditional elements of industrial infused within it. Songs like “The Pinned Man” really embody Stoddard’s early work, while distorted vocals, soft layers of synth, and mass distortion fuel this track. If you’re a fan of classical-era EBM, I would highly suggest this album. –Seeth McGavien