Royal Canoe

Today We’re Believers

Roll Call Records

Street: 06.25

Royal Canoe = Ween + Tom Waits + MGMT

This album starts right off sounding a bit like a carnival: a spectacular explosion of energy and sound, music and noise. In line with some of the best in the experimental rock genre, Today We’re Believers journeys through classic influences like Beck, Prince and Coldplay, but still doesn’t skimp on some of the more current sonic flavors of indie projects like Animal Collective. Each song manages to uniquely communicate its own perspective, all the while being a part of a greater, and continuously dance-able, whole. There is nothing about this album that isn’t totally professional and seemingly designed to be enjoyed by the indie-mainstream (oxymoron or not). I bet you’ll enjoy it, too, so pick it up and hear for yourself! –Ischa B.